Family LAUNCH Academy with Dr G

Why should you join today?

We want our children to LAUNCH into adulthood WELL!

A key factor influencing success is our Sexual Ethic.

This ETHOS comes from us as parents as well as other influential adults (and kids). So – it starts with us!

Come join a community of like-minded moms and dads and leaders that want the best for their children – Join the conversation and teaching on a Biblical Sexual Ethic. What you believe (your ETHOS) matters more today than ever before in history – this influences how our children make choices on gender and sexuality.

What you gain from a membership in the LAUNCH Academy:

Teaching from Dr. Gilbert (Dr. G) on a Biblical Sexual Ethic

Courses on marriage, intimacy in marriage, dating ethics and boundaries, as well as age appropriate conversations for you and your kids.

Regular trainings with Dr. G on sexuality, gender, and your family

Video trainings chapter by chapter of Dr Gilbert’s new book “I Can’t Say That!”

Community with like-minded people that love their children and families and want to LAUNCH them well.

You won’t regret it.
Come for the teaching and training – stay for the relationships and community.

Professional Counseling Services cost between $100 and $150 per hour – so 4 hours a month would cost between $400 and $600 a month

Life Coaching tends to run a person $500 to $1000 per month

Join Today before the price goes up!

Founding Member
$24 / month
Parents & Leaders that are in need of Coaching, Community, and Courses to help them LEAD WELL - and LAUNCH their kiddos well - This is for you!
Community - ask questions, help others in need, know you are not alone, and be an encourager/and get encouragement
Courses on Marriage, Intimacy in Marriage, and more
Courses on a Biblical Sexual Ethic & Going Beyond "The Talk"
Q & A's - Get your pressing questions answered
Access to Dr G and his expertise and guidance
Even better - access to the community
Special trainings on topics YOU propose and choose as FOUNDING Members
Founding Member - Annual
$240 / year
Join & prepay for a full year - or upgrade today to an annual membership! Limited time offer at this price - this is for Founding Members only.
Save today and get an extra 2 months free
Secure a price that will be half of the upcoming Launch Price

Pricing soon : For $98 a month become a member of the LAUNCH Academy with Dr G and gain access to a Counselor and Life Coach PLUS a community that will care and support you and your success.

Join Today before the price goes up!